Scanhub Features

Instant Search Engine

The easiest way to analyze and search your scan results. Scanhub creates your own, personal search engine using the results of Nmap scans.


Upload to Scanhub directly from your Linux shell, you don't need to go through the web interface to upload your results!

Deep Insight

Learn which operating systems are most popular, which hosting providers are the worst offenders or find out which of users are running old software.

Uses Nmap XML

Breath some life into those Nmap XML files, Scanhub will parse all the data including traceroutes and NSE scripts.

Familiar Syntax

Search Scanhub the same way you would search Shodan! Most of the filters have the same names and syntax.

Public or Private

Make your Scanhub public and let others help you search and analyze your data! Or keep it private and only you have access to it.

A New Look

Map Search

See where in the world your search results are located and drill into the map to explore your data.

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Fast Browsing

Quickly page through your data using the table view, for when you want to just browse and discover what Nmap found.

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Easy Analytics

Every Scanhub has a summary page that provides some simple yet powerful histograms for identifying rogue services.

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